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Synopsis :Vikram Madan is a ground maintenance officer at the Chandigarh airport. Rajeev, the security chief of the airport, is his one and only friend. As luck would have it, the flight in which Vikram’s daughter is traveling to Amritsar from Delhi, is hijacked. A group of six terrorists takes control of the airplane to secure release of Maqsood who had been captured by the Indian police. They threaten to kill the hostages otherwise. The flight is forced to land at Chandigarh airport. Vikram sneaks into the aircraft with the help of Saira, an airhostess. What follows is one man’s fight against international terrorists.
Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Kunal Shivdasani
Written By: Kunal Shivdasani, Gavendra Agarwal
In Theaters: Aug 29, 2008 Wide
On Disc/Streaming: Dec 2, 2008
Runtime: 122 minutes
Studio: Eros Entertainment

Hijack (2008) hindi movie 123movies,



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